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Where to Eat and Drink in Eau Gallie (Melbourne) FL

Eau Gallie is near and dear to us. Our office, Hoven Real Estate, is located here, we run an Airbnb here, and some of our favorite bars and restaurants are here. If you can’t already tell, we just love this little area!! Whether it’s your first time visiting or a destination you already enjoy, we’ll talk about all the best places where to eat and drink in Eau Gallie.

But first a little fun info about the town!

Pronounced Oh-gall-ee, locals say that it’s French for rocky water, but there is some debate about that🤪

What is the Eau Gallie Art District?

The Eau Gallie Arts District, also called EGAD for short, is a small but vibrant downtown area with art studios, murals, and hip restaurants and bars.

Where is Egad?

Egad is a little town in Melbourne Florida. The district begins at the corner of US Route 1 and Eau Gallie Blvd and ends at the Eau Gallie Causeway. The few short blocks in between are where all the fun is located. Highland Avenue is probably considered the main drag. There are also many local businesses, a charming and historic residential area, and the Eau Gallie Square Park. 

Just as the name suggests, EGAD is full of art!  Local artists have covered the buildings in beautiful and unique murals. There are over 30 murals to be discovered! Many are hidden in alleyways or on the side of buildings. While walking around admiring the murals, check out the local art studios and shops. There’s a lot to see here!

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Where to eat and drink in Eau Gallie?

There are many restaurant options in the Eau Gallie Arts District and depending on your mood or time of day there are various choices. Here are some of our faves:

Anaya Coffee

If you’re looking for a good cuppa Joe, Anaya Coffee has you covered. It is a great place to grab a coffee and a snack as a takeout order. Or if you prefer they have a few small tables inside and a terrace out back.

Food trucks

Who doesn’t love a good food truck for a quick and delicious bite to eat? At the corner of Highland Ave and Montreal Ave, you’ll generally find 1-2 rotating food trucks with good food. At the time we wrote this blog, you could get a delicious poke bowl at 321 Poke.

FM Pizza Oven

FM Pizza Oven. Eau Gallie Florida

Located in the old Eau Gallie bank building, FM Pizza is a must for pizza lovers! They use an authentic wood-fired, brick-and-mortar oven. Be sure to try one of their unique tapas like wood-fired shishito peppers, mac and cheese, meatballs, and chicken wings. They have a good beer selection and serve cocktails too!

The Cottage Rose

Sometimes pub grub food can be mediocre at an Irish Pub. That’s not the case here, we’ve had delicious food at The Cottage Rose and excellent service! They also serve authentic Irish beer on tap. The decor inside is reminiscent of an old pub but they also have outdoor seating in the front and back of the restaurant and cute lights strung from the trees for extra ambiance. 


Pineapples Restaurant, Eau Gallie,

The newest building in Eau Gallie is the 3 story beauty, Pineapples. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor, order a beer and their signature Pineapple’s burger, and you’ll have the best view in Eau Gallie! The 2nd floor has a large stage for live bands and the 1st floor is cozy upscale dining and great service. 

Salty Fox

The Salty Fox. Eau Gallie Art District

This fun quirky bar is a perfect place to socialize, grab a drink and even play a game of pool or darts. They’ve got some interesting food choices and creative cocktails like the Sour Patch Kid. They host weekly karaoke and have NFL games on Sundays.

Squid Lips

Squid Lips Eau Gallie FL

Located on the water, Squidlips is a favorite restaurant for the locals. They have daily drink specials, live music every day, and a fun outdoor bar with a laid-back atmosphere. Inside dining is seafood themed and the decor is like a historic Florida fish house. We love to sit outside at the tiki bar for happy hour, look out over the river, enjoy a beverage, and munch on some tasty poke tuna nachos!

Intracoastal Brewing

Intracoastal was one of the catalysts to the revival of Eau Gallie, which opened in 2011. They brew excellent craft beer and have a food truck on site with super tasty food. It’s a social atmosphere with shared picnic tables and artificial grass. Both kids and pets are welcome and everyone loves this fun place! *Don’t forget to check out the, ‘My girlfriends not hungry’, menu item! 

Bonus! Secret Bars in eau gallie

Last but not least, there are two secret bars to discover. The first is Lourdes Library located in the alleyway across from The Salty Fox. You’ll step into a room that looks like a small library. After purchasing a library card from the “librarian”, she’ll open a secret bookshelf door for you to enter the speakeasy. But not so fast! You’ll also be asked what is the Book Of The Week. You can find that on their Instagram page😉. It’s a fun experience and the mixologists there are great!

The second is The Oleander Club. This one is hidden in plain sight next door to FM Pizza but the door is locked and you’ll need a reservation! DM on their Instagram page for availability. Once inside you’ll find a very cozy, super stylish cocktail bar. The 1920s decor and amazing cocktails make this a must-visit! You’ll certainly love both of these hidden gems! 

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s date night, meeting friends, or just looking for great food, drink, and good times, we think you’ll love the Eau Gallie Arts District. If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out our Airbnb and for even more info, watch our youtube video!



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