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Debunking 7 Myths about vacationing in Mexico/Can I travel in Mexico right now

Mexico has long been a popular vacation destination for Americans and Canadians. With its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, great food, and affordability, a Mexico vacation is a no-brainer! It had been our go-to destination for the past 5 years. We absolutely love the Riviera Maya (Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Puerto Morelos) and can’t wait to go back! However, there are some myths and misconceptions that may be keeping people from planning that trip. Let’s talk about them…

Is Mexico safe?

We feel this is the number 1 thing that scares many people. With the media reporting, violent crime, drug cartels, and shooting at popular tourist destinations, we can understand how that could be scary! The truth is yes, those things exist and have happened but we think you’d have a higher chance of being struck by lightning than witnessing or being part of any violent crime in the popular tourist destinations! We’ve always noticed a strong police presence and have never felt unsafe.

What about petty crime?

One thing we’ve never experienced in Mexico is pickpocketing. You’re likely to be pick-pocketed or have your phone stolen in Europe (which everyone feels is safe) but I’ve never heard of it happening in the resort areas of Mexico. Although we’ve never had a problem with hotel staff stealing anything, we have heard of others that happened. Just exercise normal precautions like putting your things away when leaving the room and using the hotel safe.

It’s not as cheap as you might think

This is one to be careful about. Overall, Mexico is much cheaper than the U.S. but in some tourist areas, you can pay a high price for things like drinks or meals. Always look at the menu prices before ordering! The least expensive places will be the most authentic. Look for places to eat and drink where you see locals. Some of the best tacos and tortas we’ve had have been in tiny restaurants or food carts!

Be careful about authentic Mexican experiences

Be careful about authentic Mexican experiences, they may be created for tourists and the price could be expensive! Some examples are things like dinners on the beach, boat tours, and some Cenote or jungle experiences.

Not everywhere is as beautiful as you see on social media 

Social media doesn’t always show the reality! For example, these beautiful stairs are in what most Americans would consider a very poor part of Isla Mujeres! Some of the beauty of Mexico is the imperfection or rustic-ness (is that a word). Our advice is to marvel and appreciate the beauty and seek to understand what’s not beautiful.

Not everyone wants to rip you off

Most people don’t want to rip you off. They don’t even care and are just trying to make a living. We’ve had great experiences buying from local stores. We don’t assume the shopkeepers are out to get us, most are very nice. Sometimes you can get an even better deal by being nice and trying to have a conversation with them.

Not all coastal towns have a beautiful beach

There are stunning beaches with bright turquoise-blue water, but not all of them! Mexico along with much of the Caribbean is dealing with sargassum, a type of seaweed. Do your research before leaving! If the beach may not be great, make sure you have some backup activities like a nice pool or some day trip!

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The Bottom Line

We absolutely love vacationing in Mexico! Most of the myths and fears people have are not justified. Plan that trip, go with an open mind, and have the time of your life! Happy Travels!


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