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Casino Status Matching In Atlantic City (Free MSC Cruise)

Do you love to cruise but are not a big gambler or maybe have never gambled at all? That’s okay! Here we will show you how to get a free MSC cruise by casino status matching in Atlantic City, even if you’ve never sat down at a slot machine! It’s all about something called, casino status matching. If you’ve never heard of it before, have a seat because this is going to blow your mind! 

What is Casino Status Matching? 

Casinos want to get you in the door to gamble. If you are someone who gambles often they want you in the door! And if you’re someone who gambles often and with lots of money, they definitely want you in their casino! 

Casino Rewards and Casino Status Matching

Most casinos have created a rewards system so that gamblers can earn certain statuses based on the amount of money they have gambled. Along with this status come perks! From free valet parking, complimentary dinners and drinks, room upgrades, or free rooms, they want to entice gamblers to come back by giving them these freebies. 

Keep in mind, the casinos are also competing against each other to attract these types of gamblers. Status matching is a way to get gamblers who may be loyal to one casino to try another. 

Here’s How it Works

Let’s say Bob Smith is a heavy slots player and he always plays slots at his favorite casino, Ceasars. Because Bob put so much money into the slot machines, Ceasars has promoted him to Diamond Status. They give him all the free perks that come along with Diamond status…. T

The Hard Rock casino down the street would like Bob to come play their slots. They know Bob has achieved diamond status with Ceasars, so if they can entice him to Hard Rock, he will likely gamble as much there. They entice him by offering to match his Diamon status at Caesars with their equivalent. Bob does not have to gamble his way to the status like he did at Ceasars, Hard Rock is GIVING him that status!

So this is what we’re talking about. Gaining status at one casino, having other casinos status match, and getting all the free perks that come with those statuses.

Our ultimate goal is to attain Prime status at Ocean Casino, because one of their perks is a free 10-day MSC Cruise!

No Gambling required!

We’re going to do this without gambling our way to the status, in fact, you don’t have to gamble at all! Our main focus is traveling with credit card points, so we’re always on the lookout to add another great credit card. We found the Wyndham Business Earner credit card. One of the benefits included with this credit card is automatic Diamond status at Wyndham Hotels. This entitles you to suite upgrades, accelerated pints earning, welcome gifts, and guess what?  Status matching to Ceasars Casino, DIAMOND STATUS!!

The Wyndham Business Earner Card is a Business credit card and many people assume that they need to have an LLC, a tax ID number, a physical office, or employees to qualify for a business credit card. However, none of this is true. It’s important to note that you don’t need to have official documents, claim business card expenses on your taxes, or have any specific legal status to qualify for a business credit card as a sole proprietor. 

We got the Wyndham Business Earner card, matched to Ceasars Diamond then figured out which casinos would match to Ceasars. We flew to Atlantic City (casino status matching has to be done in person) status matched our way down the boardwalk until we reached our goal. We matched to Prime Status at Ocean Casino and got a free 10-day MSC Cruise! 

Casino Status Matching Atlantic City
Casino Status Matching Atlantic City

It gets Better…

Hold on, this gets better! Both Lindsey and I got the Wyndham Business earner card and Matched to Ocean. Boom! 2 free cruises!

It gets even better…

The Ocean Prime Status goes from July to the following July. We matched in August and took our cruises in September(The World Europa out of Barcelona Spain!) and December (Seaside out of Port Canaveral over New Year) Ocean Casino says 1 free cruise per year, but their status year is July to the following July. Yep, we were able to book 2 more cruises, March and June!!!

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We discovered another hack with MSC and have taken 6 MSC cruises because of our status with Ocean Casino.

We also found a travel agent who books cruises for gamblers. We sent them our MSC free cruise offer and they were able to match us with another free cruise on Royal Caribbean! There are even ways to get more cruise offers from other lines! 

What is the real cost of the ‘free cruise’?

You’re probably wondering, are the cruises really free? Do you have to pay anything? MSC does charge a $400 deposit for each complimentary cruise but they actually give it back to you in onboard credit. You can use it for specialty dining, tips, drinks, wifi, or purchasing from their stores. You can also use it in the casino!

Royal Caribbean charged us port fees and taxes, it was about $150 per person.

Casino Status Matching Atlantic City

So that’s our story. Two credit cards, a trip to Atlantic City and we got 7 free cruises!! If you want the 20-page step-by-step guide (literally every step in order!), including a checklist to take to Atlantic City, we’re offering it on our storefront HERE and 👇!

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