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5 things you must do on vacation in 2024

We’re fortunate enough to travel often and have learned so much from our experiences. For us, travel is a time to disconnect from everyday life, relax, enjoy new food, and drinks, and most importantly connect with each other. If you’d like a more immersive vacation than a cruise or staying only at an all-inclusive resort, this blog will give you ideas to maximize your experience! In this blog, we’re going to talk about 5 things we’ve done to make our vacation feel like an experience rather than just time off. The list has some new ideas for many vacationers, some that may be a little out of your comfort zone, and the last is a MUST if you’re traveling with your partner!

Hire a Photographer for a photoshoot

Everyone wants pictures to remember their vacation (and for your Instagram🤩). Rather than ask a stranger to take your pic or only take selfies, hire a photographer! In almost every vacation destination you can hire a local photographer. Not only will the quality of the photos be great but they will know the exact locations to get the best shot. Our photographer in Paris took us to places we would never have found ourselves for incredible pictures! You can find reasonably priced photographs on Airbnb Experiences, Viator, or Yelp.

Eat where the locals eat

This is one we never miss. Part of the joy of vacation is to experience something different from your everyday life. Do a little research before your trip and find out what are the most popular food, drinks, or restaurants the local people enjoy and try them like a local! We’ve tried foods that we never imagined we would(fried grasshoppers) and had some of the best food ever from a street vendor. Step a little out of your comfort zone and see if you find something extraordinary.

Plan something fun and out of the ordinary

One of the reasons to take a vacation is to have fun and share some laughs, so definitely plan it! We’ve done food tours, cooking classes, bike tours, rented a scooter, and more. These experiences have provided us with some of our best vacation memories. Plan something ahead of time and have a blast!!

Forget about FOMO!

Don’t try to do everything! We talk to people planning trips and they say something like, we have 6 days in Europe and we want to go to Paris, Rome, and London, this is crazy! You could spend 6 days just in Paris and you still wouldn’t experience it all. Don’t make your vacation a checklist by getting from 1 place to another and rushing around to “see the sights”

Tu es l’amour de ma vie

As the French would say “You are the love of my life”. Spend some time firing up the romance! This is never talked about but is so important. Traveling with your partner is such a gift, without the stressors of everyday life or the distractions at home! Maybe you’ll have an ocean view, maybe you’ll have a balcony. Put your music on, have a drink in the afternoon, and enjoy each other!

Bonus tip- get off the resort

Resorts can be a great vacation and all-inclusive are an excellent option for many people. We love these trips but always make it a point to see something other than the resort. Even if it’s just a day trip or a night out in the local town, getting off the resort opens you up to what the area is really like and maybe you’ll decide to plan another trip.

Bottom Line

With a little planning, an open mind, and stepping slightly out of your comfort zone you can turn your vacation into amazing experiences! Happy travels!


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