Casino Status Matching Atlantic City

11 Tips For Casino Status Matching in Atlantic City, NJ

We are all smiles after completing our SECOND visit to Atlantic City to status match for a free MSC cruise! In July we did everything in Lindsey’s name, in October it was Scott’s turn. After round two we have even more tips for Casino Status Matching in Atlantic City!

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1. If you have a partner, Casino Status Match at the same time

You can save yourself an extra trip to Atlantic City by Player 1 and Player 2 doing the casino match at the same time. This will require you both to have the Wyndham Business Earner card. Player 1 can get the card and complete the required spending amount for the sign-up bonus, then player 2 can apply. We would have done it this way, but we were a little leery of all this working! Now that we’ve been the testers, you can save yourself an extra trip to status match together!

2. Take an Uber from the Airport to Caesars

We’ve taken both a taxi and an Uber and we prefer the Uber. They are almost exactly the same price, around $40, and take around 20-30 min from the Airport to Caesars. If you decide on a taxi you will need cash. No judgment but all the taxi drivers are high…..all the time 💨. Like seriously, is everyone in AC stoned? The Uber drivers can be as well, but the experience seems a little nicer. Our first cab driver was nodding off at the wheel and putting on his turn signal to go around corners. It was not a fun ride!

3. Go to the Cashier at Caesars

Since you have already matched online and have a Caesars player number, you just need a copy of the card. When you arrive at Caesars, you can go straight to the cashier to print off your cards, located on the first floor. At Hard Rock and Ocean Casino you will need to go to the Casino Player’s Club Help desk, they are both located on the second floor. Here you will present your Caesars Diamond Card, and your ID and they will status-match you!

4. Take $1 bills for tips

Hard Rock Casino AC

This sounds obvious but we forgot this step the second time around. Drinking is free at the casinos after you status match and receive your player card. Don’t forget to bring some small cash to tip the servers.

5. You don’t need your physical Wyndham card before you go to Atlantic City

Wyndham Business Earner Card

Be sure and bring a valid driver’s license, you’ll need this at every casino stop! You do not have to bring your Wyndham Business Earner card, but it would be a good idea to use it on this trip to hit your sign-up bonus so you get those Wyndham bonus points!

6. you get Wyndham points!

Don’t forget in all the hype of getting your free cruise that you also get Wyndham points to use for a future vacay. One of our favorite Wyndhams is in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Also, your Wyndham Diamond status qualifies you for some perks, like room upgrades, accelerated points earnings, and welcome amenities at check-in.

7. Go to the Avila lounge for lunch at Ocean Casino

If you start your matching in the morning you will finish up your last stop at Ocean Casino right around the time the Avila lounge opens. You will receive free entry with your status match for you and a guest to the lounge, good for 72 hours. All food and drinks are included. We’re talking about a full bar and a pretty nice buffet! You do have to tip the server in cash. So don’t spend all your small bills at the casino😉

8. Free $100 Celebration dinner at Caesars

Both times we enjoyed our $100 Celebration Dinner at Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill. If you want to be a little bougie, you can use the $100 credit towards dinner at Nobu or Hell’s Kitchen! We really enjoyed the pub. We sat at the bar and had a great view of people watching. The wings and chicken sandwich were really tasty! Lindsey had a beautiful gin cocktail, The Queens Platinum Jubilee.

9. Check your Caesar’s card in the kiosk to make sure it is working before you go to dinner!

Maybe this should have been number 7 on the list but check that your welcome dinner credit is on your card. You can insert your card in one of the many kiosks in the casino to look up your account or ask your server or bartender to look it up for you. Both times our credit was there but we have heard from a few people that they had to go to the help desk to add the credit.

10. You can casino status match in one day

Both times, we chose to stay overnight, but you could easily do this in a day. You could get to Caesars before 10 a.m. to print your card. Then head to Hard Rock, the player’s club help desk opens at 10:00 a.m. You could status match there, then use your $50 in free play, then head to Ocean Casino. After status matching there, you could have lunch and a couple of drinks in the Avila lounge and you’re done.

Due Diligence

Check the casino player’s club hours before you book your trip if you are trying to do this all in one day!

11. Have fun!

Atlantic City Trolley on the Boardwalk

We treated this like a huge scavenger hunt and honestly, we had a blast! Checking out all the casinos, playing some slots, walking the boardwalk, and having the famous Wet Willy’s daiquiri were all super fun.

how much did AC cost us for our ‘free cruise’

We flew Spirit Air from Orlando. The round-trip tickets were a total of $381 for both of us. Our hotel at Caesars cost $63. We tried to get a comp room but were informed there were none available for our date. We spent about $80 getting to and from the airport and about another $20 in taxis from Caesars to Hard Rock and back. The next morning we had a couple of pastries and coffee at Caesars for $23, so our total spend was approximately $567.

Book your Crusie after the 15th of the next month!

Ocean Casino Travel Benefits Brochure
Ocean Rewards Prime Players Card

After you status match at Ocean Casino, they will give you a brochure with a number to call MSC to book your cruise after the 15th of the following month. When you call in they will ask which casino and your Players number. It’s Ocean Casino and your Player number is found on your Ocean Rewards Prime card. It seems to take Ocean’s and MSC’s system some time to sync up. For us, it took a few days after the 15th. We called each day asking if there was a cruise certificate on our account. Finally, on the 18th, our certificate was there and we booked!

We ended up getting Seven Free Cruises!! Here’s How👇

We tell you every step to complete this process for yourself!

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